Take Payment

Discard any other payment terminals or overpriced third parties, the Surefire App has the functionality to take payment as soon as each job is completed, no more chasing invoices and wasting valuable time and energy.

With Surefire's built in “Take payment” function, not only can you automatically produce an invoice at the click of a button while at the customers property, but you can send it to them via e mail, and collect the payment via credit or debit card right there and then. No excuses about forgetting to put the cheque in the post, or making up excuses for non payment, you simply run through the details when you have completed the job at hand and if the customer has any reason for not paying, (we know how much hard work it is getting paid by some customers) you can address it there and then, collecting payment first time every time! No more begging letters and stress about late payments.

Other key features

Surefire offers a unified suite of benefits, giving your business a powerful combination of operational efficiency and customer management.

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