What our
customers say

Ian Simm

Diamond Gas Ltd

We have been using Surefire for many years and recently upgraded to the new version. What can I say, you WILL save money and your precious time with this system. Simple to use, engineers love the simplicity of it, customers love how they are informed of bookings. Easy quoting tool and easy to order parts with one click of a button. I can’t tell you enough how much time and money having this system has saved us.

Paul Hamilton

Alpha Heating Ltd

We are relatively new to Surefire but can see straight away how much time the system will save us. The various benefits are fantastic and the reports give you a great insight into where your leads come from, the success rate of your quotations and lots of other useful information. We would highly recommend that you try Surefire as it is good value for money and not over complicated, unlike a lot of the others systems on the market.

Sharon Surtees

J Shipley & Co Heating Ltd

It has revolutionised our job booking systems, we have gone from 7 paper diaries to 1 single system! This connects our office staff with our engineers via iPads and our customers allowing the office staff to communicate with both. It has given us the ability to search for addresses, jobs and documentation without the need for trolling through books and papers which saves us time, we make less mistakes and it gives us a much more professional approach. It was so easy to implement, the system was personalised for our business and the back-up service is excellent.

Michael Hollands

Hollands Heating & Plumbing Ltd

Surefire is an excellent online tool for plumbers. It has made our life a lot easier because there is so much that this system is able to do. We would definitely recommend Surefire to any similar company.

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